Monday, June 15, 2009


Krill's mother-site Panic Productions, has undergone a DIY facelift. Fresh, and only a little lumpy and scarred.

Giddy with the thrill of using idiot-friendly web-building applications (don't take it personally iWeb, but I'm only with you because you're easy), this very site will be undergoing a major renovation shortly.

If I walked into your kitchen waving a hammer, wearing a disconcertingly clean tool belt, and used those very words, it would indeed be cause for alarm. But trust me, this will be good. More Krill pages, more often, easier to read. I believe it's called webcomics.

Expect to be up and running, or at least stumbling at a cracking pace, soon. Same url. You need not do anything but wait. If you're a reader of IFTK, you should be used to that.

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