Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Relocation Sale! Everything Must Go!


Hi! Good to see you! Folks tend not to come around these parts anymore. Funny how about the time we slowed down on Krill everyone else seemed to give up on their blogs. Hardly anyone we follow has posted in years. I guess all the kids are busy hanging around their bookfaces, instagrats, and whatever.

It's comfy here, though. We know this little website template and how everything works. Not hard to make things look half-decent. If there was only a way to give you a page-to-page reader like a regular webcomic. Tried Wordpress for awhile. It ended in tears. If I wanted to code websites I wouldn't be a cartoonist. The pain threshold was too high for some nice page-to-page action, and if I had a dollar for every time I heard another Wordpress site had been hacked, I could have paid someone to do that stupid coding.

But here I am, rambling on like some old geezer on Blogger. Words, schmords - pictures talk! Images! That's what the net is all about these days! Put away the dictionary, grandad! Pick up that brush and draw some more Krill comics, you narcoleptic dinosaur!

So no matter how you've managed to get to this icy corner of the web, this is all you're going to see here. There's new In For The Krill, updated regularly in a reader-friendly page-click format at

Come on over and jump in. The water's freezing.

Greg and Jill xo

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