Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just stepping away to finish another comic…

"New page every Monday" my weeping barnacle! There are Adelaide buses on a more reliable schedule than In For The Krill pages and we're going to have to come clean and stop pretending that the situation won't change for awhile. In fact, a new page may not be posted for much of 2012.

No, no, we're not abandoning this story! After 140 pages, we're as keen as ever to keep this labour of love going, but in the meantime we're both contractually bound to labour of lucre. Jill's animation scripting commitments have often taken her away from Krill for extended periods, but as a page of script yields several pages of comics we've been able to work around that. Not this time, as I have a new book to deliver to Working Title Press, and if I'm to meet the December deadline, I need to stop typing and get back to the drawing board. Now. And stay there.

It's an exciting project. "An Anzac Tale" is scripted by my Captain Congo cohort Ruth Starke and is a  visually ambitious and unique take on Australia's part in the Gallipoli campaign of World War 1. Expect to hear more about it before its release next year - a little after you start seeing new pages here again. Just need to draw the thing first and get through this post without saying we're putting our penguins on ice.

In the meantime, issue four is our favourite so far, and a copy is only a click away.

Thanks. Back as soon as possible.

UPDATE: You may have noticed that a couple new pages have been stealthily posted below with little fanfare, so as not to get anyone's hopes up regarding anything resembling a regular schedule, or attract the attention of any publisher who may wonder why I have had a waking moment not spent on their project. I wonder myself.

Big shout out and a double squidsky to gentlman cartoonist Tim McEwan for this thorough and glowing review. Skol!

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