Monday, March 31, 2008

Day Job

Where's the next chapter? Forming as slowly as ice in a spa, thanks largely to the huge demands of my day job. Fortunately my day job has been pretty enjoyable lately and while it doesn't involve Krill, it does have a comic book penguin.

"Captain Congo and the Crocodile King" is the latest book I've illustrated for the Australian children's book publisher Working Title. Not just a book, but a comic book. You know, for kids.

Written by Ruth Starke, this 48 page book features the Captain's first adventure as he is sent by The Agency to track a missing anthropologist, leading to the crocodile infested jungles of the Omo River. Best of all, he's accompanied by Pug, an occasionally sardonic but stalwart sidekick in the form of a King penguin. (Not to be confused with Krill's Emperor Penguin, but we know all about that now after the last post.)

I put the book to bed last night. Checking of proofs and a few revisions and tweaks are doubtless still on my schedule, but at least now the day job won't be intruding on the night work.

Remember kids; never quit your day job.


Andrew said...

Yay! I'm looking forward to more updates and more penguins. And you're a lucky man to have a day job that you enjoy. I must draw my way out of the day job, which gets harder and harder all the time.

Is "Captain Congo" going to be available for purchase in the US? The artwork looks fantastic!

Greg H said...

Thanks Andrew, more penguins are forthcoming.

Captain Congo is due for release in August and is presently only slated for Australian/New Zealand distribution. Hopefully that will change, or at least individual copies can be purchased online. I'll keep you posted.

billehB said...

Holy Cow thats a cool cover. That crocodile is going down.