Friday, October 5, 2007

Chapter One - Available Now

The first chapter is now available as a pdf.
Download it right

The book can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Mac's Preview.

It's 3MB and here's some sample pages if you'd like a peek first before hitting the button.

A print version, you know, with staples and everything, is being organized. Check back in over the next few weeks for further details. In the meantime, download this book to your heart's content, tell your friends and fellow penguin-travellers, and let us know how much this ices-up your warm hearts.


Nahum said...

damn nice man - i will certainly grab a printed copy. If it's as good as the animated cousin then I'm sure you'll have some good fans.

pinguino said...

i really want a printed copy! can you email me when you've got one? penguinpalace(at) gmail dot com

Anders said...

this is excellent!!!
as a great black and white fan I am, you really did a great job!!
thanks a lot for sharing!!

Martin Lovegrove said...

Amazing intro to this novel... I definately want a printed copy for sure... well done.

pencrush said...

this is fantastic. I can't wait to see the printed version.